Sua Sponte

The unwarranted ramblings of a charity solicitor.

About this blog

This blog is mainly an outlet for thinking about and commenting on the world of charities. Although I can't rule out the odd post on other things.

Why is the blog called 'sua sponte'?

It's a Latin phrase, which appealed to me as a former classicist.

It can mean several things, but its primary meaning here is intended to be 'of her own accord'. I write a post for the blog when I feel like it. All opinions expressed in the blog are my own.

Another meaning is 'for its own sake'. I feel this is also appropriate, as I am not gaining anything from writing posts for the blog, except the joy of writing the posts!

Why no comments?

You may have noticed this blog has no facility for comments. This is not because I don't want to talk to you!

My previous blog had comments. The amount of spam comments received far exceeded the number of genuine comments. I had to moderate all comments, which was time consuming. Thanks to my children, my time for writing posts is limited. My time for moderating comments is non-existent.

Therefore, if you would like to contact me, I'd love to hear from you on Twitter or by email.

Obligatory disclaimer

I wouldn't be a lawyer if I didn't have some kind of disclaimer at this point. This is my personal blog, and all opinions expressed are my own. The information contained in this blog is not legal advice in relation to any particular situation. You should not rely on it and I don't accept any liability in connection with it.

While I aim to ensure that any information is correct on the date on which it is posted, the legal position can change frequently, and the posts will not always be updated following any relevant changes.