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The unwarranted ramblings of a charity solicitor.

Many charities are "out of touch", "not...accountable" and lack "democratic structure"

Well, what to say to the Lord Balfe of Dulwich (President of the Cambridge City Conservatives), who described charities with these words during the Civil Society debate in the House of Lords on 8 September?

What is the RSPB doing right?

Recently, I've been pondering the role of charities in society, prompted by the number of politicians who have been feeling an urge to weigh in on the subject.

#giveitbackgeorge! A short blog post.

It was very good this morning to see one of the national newspapers, the Guardian, leading with the article George Osborne faces revolt over 'tax on giving...'

What can we learn from the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Inquiry?

There's no denying that the situation faced by the the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (the 'Charity') is not one which will be faced by many charity trustees.

The Gift Aid Question

How the Gift Aid Question arose
The simple answer is: Rob and I went on a holiday for the weekend, to Harrogate.